Paint the Moon Challenge- Weeks 1-7

February 18, 2012

Sometimes, the wedding industry can get overwhelming. There’s a lot of pretty girls in white dresses, and it can begin to feel awfully insular. I started the Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 photography challenge in an effort to broaden my photography horizons, practice, and get out of in front of the computer and have some new experiences. Already I’ve been to a robin party on a warm winter day, found the suburban buffalo of Daniel’s Park (while falling spectacularly in the mud and laughing like an idiot), and headed out to the Museum of Nature and Science to reacquaint myself with the strange world of museum taxidermy. (Museum taxidermy is this weird Victorian throwback to before animals like zebras were a common sight at zoos… but they’re still there in museums in intricate dioramas that must be complicated to dust. Anyhow…) I couldn’t do a 365 challenge, too much pressure, but this continues to lead to some interesting experiences.

Week 1- Natural
Week 2- Responsibility
Week 3- Negative Space (which really just turned into a reason to hang out with the buffalo and a funny white horse)
Week 4- Unusual Perspective
Week 5- Self Portrait
Week 6- Linear
Week 7- Pretty Ugly