Ariel and Scott- Villa Parker Wedding

I ran into Ariel at a Dazbog a couple days ago. She and Scott are heading out soon for their honeymoon to Europe, and in celebration of their big trip I thought I’d revisit their wedding today!

Ariel and Scott met through the Denver Roller Dolls, and while there were some roller girl touches to their event (all of Team Bride changed into their derby outfits for dancing at the reception), they wanted to avoid going overboard. As Scott said, enough of “our lives revolve around roller derby already.” And really, when you have all the crazy details they did, you don’t need a gimmick.

They had custom tennis shoes (I really want to call them “kicks,” but I am too much of a nerd to get away with that), a mustache tie-tack, a bow-tie necklace for the lady on Team Groom, Ariel’s grandmother’s wedding dress, a Dirty Dancing flash mob, bright purple bird cage veil, and the wonder and joy that is “shake face” photography. It was a hell of a night.

Special thanks also to our associate photographer for the night- Kimberly Mitiska!