Samara and Mike- Evergreen Lake House Engagement Session

June 2, 2014

After fighting with all the spring rain we’re having this year (which is great for our state- no fires!- but hard to schedule photo sessions around…) we finally got to meet up with Samara and Mike for their engagement session in Evergreen. I’m so glad we waited! We had a beautiful, sunlit Colorado afternoon full of nature. We were photo bombed by an elk! We thought maybe she was a moose at first, given the wading, but as she got closer and closer it was clear she was an elk- an elk with absolutely no fear of people. She meandered on passed us, and the crossed the road at the crosswalk to continue on her way…

I really liked the props that Samara and Mike brought with them- especially the sunflowers. They added such a nice pop of color with all the greens and blues of the lake house. At one point I told them they looked like a country music album with the sunflower and her cowboy boots and that low sun streaming across the walkways. I love their license plates too! What a great way to show how two transplants have come to live in Colorado together.

Most of all, I love how Mike and Samara look at each other. You can just see how much they adore one another, and it’s so very sweet. We can’t wait for their wedding, which is coming up soon!

Congrats again you guys, and don’t forget to let us know how you liked that off-road trail when you get a chance!

Engagement Session in Evergreen Colorado by Kokoro Photography
Evergreen Colorado Engagement0009
Evergreen Colorado Engagement0014
Evergreen Colorado Engagement0018
Evergreen Colorado Engagement0022
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Stunning pictures of Samara and Mike! We’re so excited for their wedding this month…25 days away! Beautiful pictures Amanda and Debi!:)