Rachel and Joe are Engaged!

February 4, 2016

Rachel and Joe are just a delight. We had the pleasure of hanging out with them on a glorious Colorado winter day (seriously, who gets to wear a sleeveless dress for her engagement pictures in January?!?) in Denver’s RINO district and downtown proper. RINO is such a fun area to explore. It’s full of some serious public art. I love all of the bright colors – such a nice change of pace in the winter! Then after some exploring we decided that city lights were better found in downtown proper, and the trees in front of Union Station were just perfect. Just a few minutes of travel provided us with a totally different, more upscale, classic feel.

Throughout their session, Rachel and Joe were so caring and attentive with each other, and incredibly kind to us. Not only are they great at loving on one another, but they have this understated sense of humor that’s just wicked. And Rachel gets the best light-up-the-whole-block smile. Taking their engagement pictures was our phenomenal pleasure.

Congrats again you two, and thank you again! Best of luck with all your planning! -A&D

Denver RINO Engagement Session001.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session002.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session003.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session004.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session005.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session006.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session007.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session008.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session009.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session010.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session011.jpg
Denver RINO Engagement Session012.jpg


Beautiful photos! I love engagement sessions in RiNo!

Gorgeous!! Love the urban engagements

love the location and night shots, great photos!

I love all the colors and textures. These are great!

What a fantastic job you did capturing this couple! Fabulous and fun photos. I love these!

These are so fun! I love the use of background and color and they are such a cute couple, great work!

I love these! So colorful. The teal / green set of images is beautiful. Great job!