Colorado Baby Pictures- The Goldberg Family

May 18, 2014

We love this family! We’ve photographed both sisters’, Lindsay and Lauren, weddings, and now brother Dan’s new baby girl! Pamela and Dan recommended this cute park right near their house. This let their puppy, Cooper, come join us for the fun. We never know how it’s going to go with both dogs and babies at a family portrait shoot, but both he and Katelyn did great. Katelyn really likes hearing her mom sing, and Pamela has a great voice so we got lots of smiles!

Their neighborhood park is a great space down through a valley that overlooks the Colorado front range, full of perfect cheerful dandelions. I love the photos of Miss K smiling in the flowers, and her daddy trying to hand her blooms… that went straight into her mouth, so that idea didn’t last very long. Afterward, we got out of the wind for story time. Another photographer friend of ours, Kate Borgelt, talks about using your 30 year glasses when doing family photography sessions- I love thinking about how much these images of mom, dad and the dog all reading together might mean to Katelyn when she’s 30 and thinking about a family of her own.

A very special Happy Birthday today to new grandma, Jan, who first brought us to the Goldberg Clan!

Colorado-Baby-Photography0037.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0032.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0028.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0025.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0024.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0023.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0018.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0017.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0014.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0013.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0010.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0006.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0004.jpg Colorado-Baby-Photography0001.jpg


Thank you Lindsey!

Thank you Jan! And yep, they made my job easy!

Could not have had a better birthday present. Amanda, you are amazing! Of course I am sure the subjects contributed somewhat!

Well, if that doesn't get my biological clock ticking, it's clear that nothing will!

Amazing! As always!!!!!