Abby and Colin

July 5, 2015

It’s great to explore new spaces with new people! Abby and Colin took us to Flying J Ranch up in Conifer. They used to walk this trail together when they were in high school together, so it has a lot of special significance. Plus, it was a beautiful morning- so many wildflowers with all the rain we’ve had in Colorado this year. You know how hamsters have to be wild animals somewhere (Eurasia, it turns out…), but they seem engineered to be domesticated house pets? I kind of feel that way about irises- they seem like garden flowers only. It was very strange to see them out in the wild!

It’s no secret that I’m a little awkward, and I love that Abby and Colin took every one of my awkward directions and turned it into happy silliness. They so very clearly enjoy each others’ company. They explored the safety hazards of aspen dead fall together, soaked their Chuck Taylor’s together, laughed and snuggled together. They’re wonderfully relaxed and low-key- they have an easy contentment together.

Our congratulations again you guys- we can’t wait for your wedding! -A&D

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