Please Welcome Baby Juniper!

We finally have some room to catch up on some blogging from our favorite sessions from last year. Baby Juniper isn’t so little any more, (it’s amazing how fast the time goes!) but we’re still awfully smitten with this session. All those sweet little knit toys and outfits? Yeah, her mom made those. All those adorable drawings on her nursery walls? All done by her father. And I can’t forget Freddie the Chillest Chihuahua ever- although if you look closely, he totally stuck his tongue out at the new baby in a tiny, chill sign of protest…

Denver Newborn Photography0001.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0002.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0004.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0003.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0005.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0006.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0007.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0008.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0009.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0010.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0011.jpg
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Denver Newborn Photography0013.jpg
Denver Newborn Photography0014.jpg