Elowen! Southeast Kansas Family Photography

Elowen is cute and chubby. She prefers rolling over crawling. She has three hairs, a la Homer Simpson, which you can only see through her baby fuzz in certain light. She has a touch of drama- she’s a very happy kid, she just knows exactly what she wants, and she wants to be tossed in the air, dance to Hey Soul Sister and try to get to the cats and dogs.

Elowen is the daughter of my friends, Jess and J, and it’s been a goal to get out and see them before she turns one. After several disruptions, we headed out to Pittsburg, KS to see them. We took Elowen to J’s golf course (it’s his if I say so), where she got to put her feet in the grass for the first time. Funny kid was reeaally unsure how she felt about that! We also took family photos in a nearby forested nature park. The mining in the area has left strange swamps and hills; it certainly doesn’t feel like the Kansas of Oz fame for sure!