Weekend Retreat – Wild Horse Inn in Tabernash

Last weekend Bob and I used a gift certificate to Wild Horse Inn given to us by Amanda and Parker. Due to family crazyness we were unable to celebrate our 30th anniversary, birthdays and other important events when they happened so this was a perfect get away. Amanda had shot a wedding last September where the bride and groom stayed at the Wild Horse Inn. She love the place and thought we would too. She was right – it’s a lovely place!

We opted to stay in one of the three cabins. A very good choice! With a living room/kitchenette and a big beautiful bedroom, it was like being home away from home.

I should mention that the bathroom had a huge two person bathtubs that was fabulous… but I won’t since my children read this and will think it’s totally gross that mom would even bring it up. :-)

Bob signed us up for the “Romantic Escape Package” which included a beautiful vase of flowers in the room, champagne and yummy breakfasts in the cabin.

The weather was overcast most of the time. Once in a while the sun would peek through and then just as fast as it came out it would be snowing.

Saturday morning started with John, the owner of Wild Horse Inn, delivering breakfast of orange ginger french toast.  YUMMY!

We hung out for a while, then decided to drive out to Granby for the heck of it. Lets just say there isn’t much happening in Granby in October!

So we gathered up the cameras and headed over to Devils Thumb Ranch for the afternoon. First we went to their stables to take photos. Sadly their horses had been turned out for the afternoon.

I’m convinced the red chicken was trained to stare you down. She never took her eyes off you.

Then just like magic it’s snowing like crazy again!

So we hopped into the car and went to The Ranch Creek Spa at Devils Thumb for a couples massage. This was perfect for the two of us – I’m pretty sure with work and family stress we’ve forgotten how to relax. Everyone at the spa was great, very accommodating which was good since I think Bob has had only one massage before and was a bit apprehensive about what his crazy wife was getting him into.

We stayed for dinner at The Ranch House. Amanda and I have loved their meals when we’ve shot weddings at the Ranch. The food is excellent – lots of game choices and the chocolate desert was perfect. After we headed back to the cabin to watch movies and let the snow fall outside.

The next morning Bob went over to the main house to get another yummy breakfast. Got to love a man bringing you food!

After lounging around for awhile we headed back to Littleton where the snow was worse than what we’d been having in the mountains. Go Figure!

We had the perfect relaxing weekend. John and Chris at Wild Horse Inn have a great place to get away from it all. In a month or so the snow up there will be perfect for skiing. Tabernash is called the “Icebox of the Nation” for a darn good reason – it’s cold up there!

Thank you Amanda and Parker for the gift certificate and for staying with Spencer and Grace while we were gone. We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  • skip said:

    congratulations! what a neat adventure! i just don't understand all the photos, though... ;-)