Wedding Rings by Kokoro Photography

There are many things that are consistent between weddings…. a big white dress, fancy shoes, a cake, flowers and the rings. One of the things we love the most about shooting weddings is that each couple puts their own personal spin on their day. Even though many of the items are the same…. each wedding is different. Over the last couple of years we’ve made it a game to find something personal to the wedding or the couple to use in photos of the couples rings. Sometimes the bride is so in love with her flowers or the flowers are so beautiful that putting the rings in the flowers is a natural choice but sometimes…. there are other details that scream out to have their photo taken with the rings.

My personal favorite so far is this gnome who made it’s way around the wedding with the bridal party. Apparent this was not his first wedding…. or his last I suspect!

Poor little guy had a broken finger!

A basket of delicious cherries was placed at every table. So of course, we used them for the photos too.

This couple had mead as their gift to their guest to coordinate with the custom designed bees on the bride’s ring.

On their vows.

The colorful Colorado aspens were a stunning beautiful backdrop for their ceremony.

The bride loved the lacing up the back of her dress, so we highlighted it by adding their rings.

Vintage cars were the theme of this wedding; they placed classic Hot Wheels on every table. This particular car is similar to the one the groom owns – only smaller.

Taken in Mexico, where the wedding was on the beach. Everyone was barefoot and loving the sand! You can’t do that in Colorado.

When you have a beach wedding there are so many things for us play with!

There were tiny daisies all over  the fields of this Winter Park wedding,  but using only one for the rings photo highlights the daisy and their rings.

An Easter wedding – the couple had little nests of candy at each of the guests place setting.

Taken with their invitation.

The bride’s henna feet.

A custom drawing with the rings added.

Tiny clothes pins once held the place cards for the guests table seating.

Darth Vader was on the groom’s cake so of course he needed to make an appearance with the rings!

It rained a lot this day! Of course the wedding was planned for outdoors at the Botanic Gardens. Putting the rings on a leaf with water droplets is a reminder that we waited the rain out and had a beautiful Colorado evening after all.

Everything at this wedding was vintage, including the cake topper.

Cupcakes have become very popular at wedding and sometimes they are so beautifully decorated.

Inside the table decorations – there were these beautiful bubbles!

Each guest was give a box of yummy chocolates at their place setting.

Sometimes just one flower is dramatic enough for the rings.

The reflection of the mirror with the gorgeous colors of the flowers in the background.

On the couples crystal champagne glasses – a gift from her family.

Beautiful fans were handed out to each guest as they were seated. They also made a lovely background for the rings.

On the door knob in the brides dressing room. Sometimes getting married in an old venue gives is elegant items to play with.

The groom’s wedding ring is made of wood (this is the first and only ring we’ve seen like this!) so it really needed something natural. Because the couple lives back east and specifically chose late September for the Colorado colors we chose the rock they stood on when they said their vows along with colorful leaves.

Guests’ favors with their wedding date.

Pears were the theme of the day! Linda and Kent ordered the carved trunk on Etsy as their table decoration.

Trying to figure this out? It’s a Japanese whisk used in tea ceremonies. The bride and her wedding party held a tea ceremony before the wedding.

When your ceremony is at the Jazz Hall of Fame – you get lots of vintage instruments!

Again….. on the guests’ thank you gift.

This couple made their guests think about where their table was!

A book of romantic love letters was in the library of this wedding.

The stem of the bride’s bouquet was such a beautiful color!