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Brennon – Cake SmashDenver Baby Photographers

Brennon - Cake Smash
Cake smashes are always so bitter sweet for us because we miss getting to hang out with our favorite little buddies every few months. From maternity pictures to that first birthday- the time just flies. Brennon has been a delight this year! We love his big grin and those baby blues- so much so that we've borrowed that teal blanket for every session because they match [...]

AnaLisa and David’s First Anniversary Shoot

AnaLisa and David's First Anniversary Shoot
We love being in on secrets - especially when they involve our favorite couples! AnaLisa had planned a romantic weekend for their first anniversary beginning with photos of the two of them to celebrate their first year together. We met David and AnaLisa at Red Rocks to surprise him with a photo session for the two of them and ended the day with the final shoot at the [...]

Anna and Tim – Engagement Session at Red Rocks

It's been more than chilly around here lately but when the bride is only in town for a short time.... you go for it! We'd planned an afternoon session for a day when there was a slight chance of snow hoping the odds would be in our favor. But Mother Nature has a mind of her own and blessed us with a slight snow shower and 28 degrees. It wouldn't have been too much of [...]

Ruxy and Andre – Engagement Photos at Red Rocks

One of the best things about working with other wedding  photographers is when you tell them to "snuggle up and just act natural" they know what you're talking about -- with out feeling all goofy about it. Ruxy and Andre also shoot weddings. We were pleased when they hired us to shoot their wedding because our photography styles are so much alike - candid, photojourna[...]