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The Mathieson Family is Expecting!Denver Maternity Photographers

The Mathieson Family is Expecting!
Goldfish Crackers.... They are the secret power to get small children to happily take photos. Honestly, I think they might work for adults as well. We met with the Mathieson family on a chilly spring morning at Confluence Park to take maternity and two year photos of Miss E. Miss E, very shy at first slowly warmed up to us thanks to a generous supply of goldfish crack[...]

Littleton Kid Photography- “Toddler” Love’s 3rd Birthday

Littleton Kid Photography-
Little Miss Love is three! She's not such a toddler any more, but a wicked smart preschooler who proves that little girls in pink princess hats can be really excited about robots. My husband has known the birthday girl's mom, Kirsten, for years and years; she was his first friend when he moved to Colorado. They live out of state now, so it's nice to get to see them [...]

The Hsieh & Dewey Families Together Again in Littleton

The Hsieh & Dewey Families Together Again in Littleton
It can be hard to have your family be apart. My friend, Linda's, brothers have moved to either coast, and they wanted to celebrate their joint family vacation back in Colorado with a family photo session! I think the last time they were all back in Colorado was for Linda and Vernon's wedding. Their families are so adorable and the kids so full of personality. I'm so[...]

The Garrett Kids Have a New Baby Sister – and Light Sabers

The Garrett Kids Have a New Baby Sister - and Light Sabers
These are my god kids- Jake, Samara, and the newest baby Kendall. I love them, not just because they're my god kids, but they also have these crazy amazing personalities. We wanted to do a newborn session for Kendall, but the older two needed to tag along too. I took Jake and Sam out behind the Highline Canal in the wilds of Littleton, Colorado to fight stormtroop[...]