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Carissa and JimmiA Hudson Gardens Christmas Engagement

Carissa and Jimmi
We had so much fun with Carissa and Jimmi at their Hudson Gardens Christmas Engagement session! It was one of those super warm Denver winter nights so we were all totally comfortable out and about with the lights. The Gardens had a bit of a hiccup- they had a water main break so no one was able to get in for the first 30 minutes or so, which meant that it was SUPER cr[...]

Takara and AndrewDenver City Park and Chipotle Engagement Session

Takara and Andrew
There are times when as a photographer the most wonderful clients come shining into your world. For us, Takara and Andrew are exactly such a sunbeam of ridiculousness. There are so many example moments I could share- when my first question to Andrew was about his vanity license plate referencing a lunchtime food, when they passionately wanted to take engagement pictur[...]

Abby and ColinColorado Mountain Engagement

Abby and Colin
It's great to explore new spaces with new people! Abby and Colin took us to Flying J Ranch up in Conifer. They used to walk this trail together when they were in high school together, so it has a lot of special significance. Plus, it was a beautiful morning- so many wildflowers with all the rain we've had in Colorado this year. You know how hamsters have to be wild an[...]