Now that we’ve got great photos – How do I hang them?

Our friend Jessica has an assortment of photos that we’ve done for her over the last 8 months. Now she’s at the hardest decision: which ones to hang and in what sized? They have a large beautiful terra cotta colored wall in their dining room where she’d like to show off her adorable family. But, it’s so hard to see sizes when it’s nothing but a big blank wall. So here’s a thought….

© kokoro photography

The two outside photos are 24×20 and the two middle photos are 10×8. The object of hanging your photos or any art work is to make an impact. Printing them slightly larger and hanging them at eye level will give you a more dramatic feeling. The mistake we often see is a great photo that’s small and hung too high. As the kids grow Jessica can trade out the photos for updated ones.

Jessica – these are just photos I grabbed really quickly to give you an idea of what you could put on your wall. I’ll post another layout up for you later but right now…my kids are STARVING! 🙂