Miniature Mondays – A Personal Project

I love photography. But over the years photography has become my job – a job I love mind you. I’ve decided it’s time for a personal project that isn’t wedding/family related. Something that will require a bit of creativity, fun and a touch of humor. Several years ago I found these miniature people made for train sets. I’ve decide that for the next year on Monday’s I will post a photo using train people. My goal, at the end of the year, is to make a album and maybe a date book for me using these photos. A novel idea that I should have my very own album given the hundreds of albums we’ve made for other people!

Catching up…. Here are four photos for the first four Mondays of the year. I’d love it if you’d suggest titles for these photos – in fact if you suggest the title I pick I will send you an 8×12 of that photo! Plus, I will add the title and your name to the blog post under the photo. Game on!