Melissa and Brian’s Engagement Session – The Tivoli Center

Melissa and Brian’s engagement session set a first for us – a cat. Not just any ordinary cat mind you but a large Manx wearing a bumble bee harness! Now we’ve had plenty of sessions with dogs before and Melissa and Brian brought their dog along as well, but this was our first with a cat. It was hysterical. For those of us with cats we are pretty clear that cats do not pose – in fact cats really don’t do anything you really want them to do. But this big guy was fairly cooperative give that he really just want to go exploring.

Melissa and Brian are planning their wedding this summer at Chatfield in their big red barn. Brian brews his own beer which will be served at the reception and is why The Tivoli Center made for a great backdrop for their engagement session. Melissa pointed out to us that Tivoli spelled backwards says i lov it. Awesome! We loved it too.