Meanwhile down in the Wine Cellar…..

there was a proposal in the works.

Sometimes the most unexpected and pleasant surprises happen. While we were photographing Anne and Hennings wedding upstairs at Devils Thumb Ranch, Rami the event coordinator mentioned there was a engagement about to happen downstairs. I asked if she thought the couple might like a few photos of the moment so with a big grin on her face —  off she went to find out. Sure enough, our prospective groom-to-be got a little teary eyed at the thought and happily agreed.

You could tell Jeff had spent a lot of time planning this it be a very special occasion for Stephanie. He’d arranged a private room in the Wine Cellar and a quiet, romantic dinner for two. Being a traditional sort of guy Jeff got down on one knee and asked Stephanie to married him. Stephanie said yes 🙂

Yes, mom it’s really happening.

Stephanie and Jeff 2

Stepahnie and Jeff 3

Stephanie and Jeff 4

Stephanie and Jeff 1

Congratulations Stephanie and Jeff!

Please give us a call when you’re looking for a wedding photographer 🙂