Kimberly and Connor – Downtown Denver Engagement Session

I’ve kind of been saving posting this session until we got closer to the wedding date. But today’s email from Kimberly says that she’s “turning into a ball of stress” so I thought now would be a good time to post these photos. We had so much fun this day. In fact, we had so much fun, we stopped for dinner so we could shoot some more after the sun went down! I also have to tell you, Connor was such a good sport given that there were three women all telling him where to stand and what to do!

So Kimberly….. don’t stress yourself out. Your wedding day will be wonderful. Connor is an great guy. You’ve got tons of family and friends who are excited for the two of you to get married. And, in the end all that really matters is how much you two love each other.

That and the fact that you’ve picked out fabulous wedding shoes 😉

Isn’t this cute? Kimberly brought this along for their Save the Date announcements.

A girl after our own hearts…. Kimberly is a shoe girl!

Larimer Square after dark.