Danelle and Brandon – Mount Vernon Country Club

We’ve been very lucky this year to have some of the most wonderful couples, Danelle and Brandon are no exception. Willing to go with the flow of the day including (again) weather that didn’t cooperate. Changes to the ceremony site were made without any fuss and we went on as beautifully planned. Danelle has an eye for details and the reception room was stunning. Delicate pink blossoms and candle light graced every table giving the room a romantic glow. Everything was stunning – including the bride and her bridesmaids and while the groom and groomsmen were darn handsome, the ladies took the stage.

At the bottom of this post I’m including a post written by Danelle on her Facebook wall. Words of wisdom for all brides from someone who’s recently been there. We thought is was an excellently written piece. Danelle, thank you for letting us share this!

From Danelle:

I felt that I should post this to give my tips to anyone who is getting married, wants to get married and just anyone who wants some insight to this crazy day.

1. This is the fastest few hours of your life, don’t stress out that its not perfect, nothing in life is. Plus you’ll probably get pulled in so many different directions that you’ll be in such a whirlwind you just want everything to stop for a moment so you can enjoy it. Make sure that you do, cause its gone before you realize it.

2. HAVE FUN! The best way to get all the guests to have fun is to have fun yourself!

3. Invest in a good photographer! Your guests will remember the food, and the decor and when everyone jumped out on the dance floor to do Shout! but its not the same when you look back at the photos and you realize that you remember hearing about it, but you didn’t actually see it.

4. Don’t freak out when something goes wrong! This just stresses out you, your significant other, and most likely any other person in your wedding party! And for that matter don’t freak out on your vendors, it’s not always their fault when something doesn’t go your way, sometimes you haven’t been communicating as well as you should be.

5. Pick a great person to handle all of your day of stuff. That way if you’re 45 minutes late to getting things set up (believe me it happens) you have someone who knows your vision and will get things started for you. Quick side note it does help if you can have someone who isn’t part of the wedding party, who also has a great eye for aesthetics and won’t get stressed when every one is asking where you are. (Thank you Tate!)

6. If you are having an outdoor wedding make sure you have a back up plan!

7. Find vendors who you click with! If you just aren’t really feeling it when you meet a florist or a photographer, try looking at a few, if you guys kind of click, they’ll just get it when you explain something, and they’ll be easier to work with. (Thanks Amanda, Debi and Nicole!)

8. Make it unique! Sometimes people just want to go with the regular traditions. If you think its a dumb tradition then don’t do it! That usually makes your wedding stand out in other people’s minds!

9. If you are going to do a receiving line have all your attendants go in and get the cocktail hour started and just have the two of you, and each set of parents, it will make it go by so much quicker.

10. Remember the important thing is not the ceremony, it’s that you are marrying this person. If a tornado ripped through the ceremony and took every thing but you and the person you’re marrying away, would you still be standing there with that person wanting to get married?

Hope all you guys picked up something out of this note.

Note to add: Make sure someone…. even if it’s the photographers knows how to bustle your dress  😉  Debi