Christmas Eve

For the past 30 years Bob and I have hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our house. The door is open to everyone. At times we’ve had as many as 30 people, some from as far a California, Wyoming and even Germany.  Our tradition is a big cheesy lasagna, plenty of snackie stuff and chocolate — lots of Chocolate! Over the years we’ve added enchiladas and as the older 20 something kids noted — more “grown up drinks” are served.

There are presents, but more important there is family. Our family has grown over the years, in numbers and in size. Our babies are now in their teens and 20’s, taller than I am and no longer wait up for Santa. I miss the stage where the anticipation of what Santa might bring was the center of their lives. But I like this stage too. I like being able to have adult conversations, seeing the world through their eyes. Having the 16 year old nephew tell me a dirty joke — which was pretty darn funny! I like that most of them can get themselves to and from the party on their own and will help with the dinner without being asked. Ana and Cody had little Marco this September so there’s a baby again. Next year he’ll be old enough to sort of understand what Christmas is about and the cycle of anticipating Santa’s arrival  will continue.

Happy Holidays – Debi

chris1Grace celebrating the advent wreath. Every Sunday she was very dedicated to reading the scripture of advent.


My favorite ornament — this year.


Miss Sophie got a toy mouse for Christmas.


My father, David


That sibling thing never goes away no matter how old you are! Bob’s sister Lisa expressed her feeling about having her photo taken.


Spencer hamming it up for the camera. He’s feeling much better these days 🙂


My mother, Joan and Cinnamon. She walks in the house and Cinnamon goes right to the treat door. I’m not sure who’s got who trained!


Me holding little Marco. Grace and Jessica were amazed at his little tiny fingers. Really — they were hoping to get to hold him next.

chris9Cody, Parker, Jessica and Sarah


AC and Dori

chris31Bob’s mom, Beverly