and now for something totally different- Basset Hounds!

My friend Karen has these adorable basset hound puppies – Rosco and Lilly. Of course they needed photos taken! Honestly, it was so hard to stop laughing long enough to get photos. I have never seen so much skin on an animal, they kept tripping on their ears or worse yet chewing on each others ears. In typical sibling fashion the wrestling was non-stop.  It was a total crack up watching these two interact.



The only way we could get the wrestling to stop long enough to get photos was to put peanut butter on the floor and have them lick it off.

When they lean forward the skin completely covers their eyes! No wonder their noses are so sensitive to smells.

Oops…. no more peanut butter!

Wait! We found a where it was before, maybe more peanut butter will come back.

Isn’t this the saddest look you’ve ever seen!