Amazing Grace

Last September we had the good fortune to meet Jessica and her adorable son Jackson, who has the most amazing eyelashes ever.  Jackson is the strong silent type – smiles and grins once he warms up to you – but very little chatter. On the other hand, Jessica is very easy to talk to and I have enjoyed our conversations about motherhood (the good, the bad and the ugly!) business strategies, and life in general. Somehow it’s reassuring to know that even though my “babies” are in their teens and twenties not much has changed. You still can’t get a decent shower in with a newborn in the house!

© kokoro photography

Wouldn’t you love to have eyelashes like that!

Last month Jackson’s family was joined by baby Grace. Equally adorable in every way.

© Kokoro Photography
Here are some of the highlights our our time with Miss Grace. Her little tiny finger and toes.

© kokoro photography

Welcome Miss Grace – we enjoyed meeting you and look forward to watching you grow up!

Debi and Amanda