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Recently, we had a woman who had just moved to Colorado call us and say, “Our family is looking for a photographer we can form a relationship with.” This is exactly the kind of interaction and understanding we want with our families. We want to be there when you walk down the aisle and when your daughter takes her first bite of cake.

We are blessed to have documented the important moments, both big and small, in lives of our family of clients.

Due to the relational nature of our work, we only take on a select number of clients each year. Please contact us for more information.

  • Debi

  • I refuse to watch scary films. Life’s way too short to pay good money to have the crap scared out of you. I am very grateful to whoever it was that invented the spell checker and the calculator. I feel that education should never stop – get out and try new things, travel the world, cook new foods, meet new and unusual people. Life’s short…. experiment! But bungee jumping…. not happening.

    I love dark chocolate, Mexican food, book stores and an occasional drink. An occasional drink with friends is even better. I’d rather be living in a much warmer climate, preferable one with a beach. I love my husband of 36 years, our four children, and my family and friends. Add to that 3 cats… it’s a full house!

    Both Amanda and I are active volunteers with Destination ImagiNation Colorado teaching creative problem solving skills to students in kindergarten through college.

Kokoro Photography
  • Kokoro Photography

  • We are a mother-daughter photography team, and we've been in business since 2004. We represent four generations of professional photographers. We believe that money is better spent on experiences are than on things, but that photographs are the best way to recall those experiences and pass them down to your children's children. We love to travel, and have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph weddings from Los Angeles to Buffalo, WY to New York City.

    We love to collaborate with our clients. Our clients have brought us unity beakers in the place of unity candles, a bride in a fighter jet, and engagement sessions with hairless cats. We didn’t even flinch when one couple wanted to stage scary “The Shining” pictures at the Stanley Hotel- we went out and bought fake blood. We love that our couples just can’t help but be themselves.

    We understand that having your picture taken can be stressful- on your wedding day doubly so. We work hard to provide just enough coaching and leadership so that everyone feels comfortable and cared for, without being so assertive that we take over your day. Our clients often comment on how quickly we fit in to the group, and we've been called 'ninjas' on more than one occasion for our sneaky candid photo skills.

  • Amanda

  • My degree is in Costume Design, so I love getting back in the theater. Recently, I have had the joy of taking that love of theater and photography and combining it in photographing for fine artists. It has been my pleasure to work with people from Wonderbound, the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado, and Leon Gallery, to name a few.

    I also love to travel, and I read a lot, maybe 2 books a week. A number of these books feature swords or wizards- I realize that this makes me a giant nerd. I actively volunteer for Destination ImagiNation (you might know it better as Odyssey of the Mind...). I obsess over making homemade ice cream (it's a big deal in our family- there's a trophy and everything) and The Decemberists.

    My husband and I have two black kitties, and we think they are both very lucky cats to have around indeed.